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The ACET Phonics and Early Reading programme is a progressive, and highly effective phonics programme which has been created to ensure every child is able to read fluently, regardless of their background, needs or abilities.

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As a teacher, every minute of the day counts and we know that some science of reading approaches can be complex to master, stressful to implement and time-consuming to prep.

So, All Abroad Phonics is designed around these 3 principles:

  • Simple and fun to deliver
  • Easy admin and monitoring
  • Effective Interventions

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A Flying Start with Letters and Sounds is a multi-sensory, systematic, synthetic phonics programme. We recognise the importance of phase 1 and its role in working alongside the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

A Flying Start with Letters and Sounds enables children to:

  • Develop good language skills and a wide vocabulary
  • Foster a love of reading
  • Acquire the skills to read independently as indicated by the phonic check
  • Secure the physical skills to write in order to successfully record the graphemes they have learnt

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ALS Phonics: Letters and Sounds aims to provide a solid and continuous approach to the teaching of a systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programme in Nursery, Reception and KS1.

Based on the principles of Letters and Sounds, it offers training, guidance and resources to support schools in the delivery of a successful and complete SSP programme.

Tried and tested teaching sequences and mantras are used daily to ensure children have a clear structure to their learning, developing their ability and confidence to decode successfully, building towards becoming independent readers.

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Created by teachers, trusted by schools and validated by the DfE, Anima Phonics is the proven way to learn to read.

Children are enthused, parents are engaged and teachers have the tools at their fingertips to deliver high-quality phonics education.

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Bug Club Phonics is a comprehensive phonics teaching programme centred around an accessible and inclusive teaching approach. Evidence shows that working together fosters a sense of social inclusion for pupils and boosts the performance of those that may be progressing more slowly.

Bug Club Phonics offers a fully resourced systematic synthetic phonics programme based on a proven progression that matches the National Curriculum and Early Learning Goals.

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Dramatic Progress in Literacy is a successful, internationally used, education consultancy for primary schools. The inclusive curriculum covers EYFS to Year 6. It both supports teachers to be the best they can be and enables children at all levels to access their potential.

DPiL is a relentless systematic approach in reading and writing (including a progressive grammar and punctuation framework that is embedded in the planning sequences, a systematic editing system and a discrete spelling programme for Y2-Y6). Children make accelerated progress. DPiL creates learning opportunities that are inclusive, fun, and anti-oppressive in their approach.

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Developed for teachers by teachers from Knowledge Schools Trust, this programme is designed to ensure that all children learn to read well and make speedy progress.

Because ELS follows the Letters and Sounds 2007 progression, it works with the decodable books you may already have. Expand your existing provision with front-of-class whiteboard presentations, classroom posters and activity books.

A daily, same structure approach to teaching phonics that gives children and teachers consistency and security.

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Extend Letters and Sounds is a programme that addresses the needs of all children so ‘every individual child’ has an equal chance of success. Therefore, our intention has been that the programme should be inclusive by design.

The programme begins with a focus on the development of children’s phonological and phonemic skills to ensure they have the best chance of reading and writing success. The skills of blending and segmenting are taught from the very beginning when children learn how to orally blend and segment.  Children then apply these skills to read and spell simple monosyllabic words before moving onto to reading and spelling more complex polysyllabic words.

By the end of Year 1, all major grapheme/phoneme correspondences have been covered.

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FFT Success for All Phonics is a complete systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programme that has been validated by the Department for Education.

Aimed at nursery children upwards and pioneered by the Success for All Foundation, FFT’s second generation programme is offered on a not-for-profit basis and is a highly comprehensive offering.

Our ambition is to enable success for all children and inspire a lifelong love of reading.

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First Class Phonics provides everything that teachers need to put the fun back into phonics! It promotes a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning and provides opportunities for children to independently practice and apply their phonic knowledge to read and spell.

First Class Phonics is an innovative, new scheme that provides exactly what both Head Teachers and teachers want: a cost-effective, easy-to-follow programme proven to help children reach the ELGs (Reading/Writing), to increase attainment in reading and spelling in KS1 and improve results in the Year One Phonics Screening Check.

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Fishing for Phonics is a multisensory programme designed to engage children in practical learning activities to ensure every child develops firm foundations to grow a love of reading.

It has been developed as a high quality systematic synthetic phonics programme (SSP) designed to get all children reading quickly. The unique aspect of this programme is the way that we have integrated the development of handwriting into the scheme making it equally about getting the children writing quickly. This is achieved by carefully mapping the phonemes with letter formation patterns enabling the children to build sequentially on motor pathways.

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A step-by-step and flexible phonics programme that engages children in reading from the outset. Developed by highly respected phonics expert Debbie Hepplewhite MBE, is perfect for schools who want high-quality phonics teaching resources and professional development in a range of online formats, for full confidence in teaching phonics.

  • systematic and structured approach with built-in consolidation and revision to ensure every child succeeds
  • Features the much-loved recurring characters of Biff, Chip and Kipper to engage children from the outset
  • Offers targeted reading practice at each stage of teaching

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GES Simply Letters and Sounds is a complete systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programme, with contents carefully selected from Letters and Sounds 2007, Statutory Revised Early Years Framework, 2021 and the National Curriculum 2014 documents.

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Jolly Phonics, teaches children to read and write using synthetic phonics, which is widely recognised as the most effective way to teach children to read and write in English. Over the past 35 years, our immense progress has been studied in numerous research projects, the results of which led to phonics becoming central to the UK curriculum. Today we are now used in over 150 countries worldwide, empowering thousands of teachers who transform children’s literacy ability. As the leading synthetic phonics publisher, and the most experienced, we offer a 7-year school programme that teaches not only phonics, but spelling, punctuation and grammar too.

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Letters and Sounds is a systematic approach for teaching children to read using phonics. It is split into six phases where letter sounds are introduced in a progression so that children can build on their knowledge and skills throughout the program.

The six phases are:
Phonemic Awareness (phase 1)
Letter Sounds (phase 2)
Phonics (phase 3)
Blends (phase 4)
Vowel Sounds (phase 5)
Spelling (phase 6)

Each phase has been colour-coded and resources can be used interchangeably across the phase accordingly.

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Children learn best when they are fully involved with the teaching and learning process – and when they are having fun! Each LearnPhonics! lesson is conducted as an ‘active learning session’ where there are short bursts of teacher input, between which the children immediately practice and apply what they are being taught.

The lessons are learner centred and children are fully involved, active and participating learners. Through clever teaching points and funny rhymes and sentences to read and write they have a great time too! The teacher is a facilitator of knowledge as opposed to a transmitter.

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Lesley Clarke’s Letters and Sounds Programme, which provides all the planning, resources, training and support you need to implement it effectively.

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Letterland was created to teach phonics using a story-based approach. The story logic engages students leading to long term retention of concepts. What’s more, Letterland is wonderfully multi-sensory. It activates every learning channel through music, actions, alliteration, movement, song, art, games and role-play.

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Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised has been developed by Wandle and Little Sutton English Hubs and taken forward by Little Sutton Primary School and Wandle Learning Trust in partnership with other phonics and early reading experts.

Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised also draws on the latest research into how children learn best; how to ensure learning stays in children’s long term memory and how best to enable children to apply their learning to become highly competent readers.

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McKie Master is a highly innovative teaching and learning program which re-trains teachers to radically change and replace the standard model. In my view the standard model often fails both students and teachers. It also makes transparent, fair and robust leadership much more difficult.

It is about the how we teach not the what we teach. It is not: resources or single gimmick activities or a ‘content- based’ /lesson plan scheme. It is: radical change in the way teachers teach, students learn and leaders lead.

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The Monster Phonics journey starts in Nursery with our Foundations Programme and continues throughout Reception and KS1 with our School Programme. Monster Phonics improves progress for all learners. This is because colour-coding makes learning phonics more memorable.

Monster Phonics is easier to learn and remember. Monster Phonics helps children to learn and recall spellings by using colour. Each sound and colour is also represented by a monster that makes that sound (a sound cue). This brings phonics to life and makes Monster Phonics highly engaging.

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The No Nonsense Phonics (Skills) programme provides a comprehensive step-by-step method for teaching reading, handwriting and spelling. It guides the teacher and the learner through a series of carefully designed routines to master the complex English Alphabetic Code. 

The programme is suitable for mainstream class teaching, targeted support and/or intervention – and whether English is the mother tongue or new or additional language. The resources and guidance are underpinned by the international research on reading and leading-edge practice and experience, for example: The ‘Five Pillars of Literacy’, the ‘Simple View of Reading’ and the formalised ‘Two-pronged systematic and incidental phonics teaching and learning’ approach.

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Pearl Phonics is a straight forward approach to phonics. Through paper-based activities and a rigourous approach, children are pushed to become excellent readers and spellers.

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Phonics International (PI) is a highly-organised, systematic and yet flexible online synthetic phonics programme (program). Designed for all ages and needs and suitable for anyone who wants to learn to read and spell. Furthermore, PI is perfect for schools, tutoring and homeschooling. Teachers, teaching assistants, tutors, learners and learners’ parents will all find the resources very supportive and effective. Student-teachers and teacher-trainers will also find great benefit from using our phonics programme for training purposes.

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Phonics Shed is a systematic synthetic phonics programme with coverage from sound awareness in pre-school, into a full phonics scheme of learning that leads into Spelling Shed’s complementary spelling system and is also compatible with 2007 Letters and Sounds.

Our programme provides a systematic way to teach reading through synthetic phonics. Children are taught to decode by breaking down words into sounds as a way to “synthesize” the whole word from letters and sounds.

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Phonics Steps is a DfE Validated full systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programme which equips children with the necessary skills, knowledge and positive learning behaviours to become expert readers and writers.

‘Little steps to big results’ underpins the teaching and learning ethos of the programme, with learners accompanied on their journey by a range of relatable characters who understand, and experience with the children, the joy of learning to read and write.

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Learning to read and write should be engaging, fun and fuss free. Our complete SSP programme provides a wealth of resources, including daily plans and teaching booklets, complemented by a dedicated “keep up” programme. This ensures that learners are well supported to acquire the skills and confidence needed for successful decoding and encoding.

We aim to empower teachers to make decisions that support their individual learners. By giving staff access to all plans and resources, teachers can make informed choices to tailor the learning activities to the needs of their groups as appropriate. Continuity of quality delivery is further supported via extension and support planning.

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Read Write Inc. was first created by Ruth Miskin in 2002. It is the UK’s leading synthetic phonics programme with the most bespoke phonics professional development. Read Write Inc. is for children from Reception (P1) to Year 4 (P5), and children with SEND in older year groups.

We encourage headteachers to put the teaching of reading at the heart of their schools. We show teachers how to have the knowledge and determination to teach every child, regardless of age, background or need.

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Within this programme there is a requirement for all children to maintain the momentum set out in the Teaching Progression for Reception and Year 1. For children that are in danger of falling behind there is a need for immediate additional Wave 2 phonics learning. Regular additional ‘keep-up’ is for individual(s) and small group(s) of children are referred to as Ready Steady Go sessions. These vital additional sessions ensures all children’s potential is realised, in-line with the expectation of this programme.

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We approach phonics differently to ensure every child keeps up and not catches up.
  • Steady pace and progression of two letter-sounds per week (rather than the usual four) so that knowledge and skills are embedded from the start
  • Whole-class mastery style teaching to ensure no child is left behind
  • Teaching through original illustrated stories to develop phonics skills and a love of reading
  • Consistent daily practice of reading and writing to gradually build children’s confidence
  • Flexible yet structured teaching materials that can be adapted to suit the needs of every class
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Robo Phonics ensures to encompass all the elements to make it impactful and all the resources to ensure it can be delivered easily. We wanted to make sure we removed all the barriers to successful implementation and delivery to give phonics teachers back their mojo!

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My Letters and Sounds is a brand-new systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programme, aligned to Letters and Sounds. Developed by expert authors, the scheme offers your staff everything they need to deliver effective phonics instruction, allowing teachers to concentrate on how to teach, rather than what to teach, and focus on the needs of their class.

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The Smart Kids Letters & Sounds programme extends from EYFS to Year 2 (Phases 1 to 6). Keep your children engaged with over 200 decodable books, free daily lesson plans and supplementary resources to apply their knowledge and keep them engaged.

Our Letters and Sounds programme teaches the skills of blending for reading and segmenting for spelling. It progresses through all sounds, working from the simple to the more complex. By following the progression, children build on their growing phonic knowledge. They quickly learn to read and spell, having fun along the way.

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Snappy Sounds is a systematic, synthetic phonics series, built by world class educators, authors and speech pathologists. It has been designed to make teaching phonics as simple and as speedy as possible for you and your class. Children will enjoy reading because the resources build confidence quickly.

At a glance:

  • Decodable readers from levels 1–4 (Foundation) and Levels 5–8 (Year 1)
  • Phonics assessment
  • Teaching resources such as Teaching Cards, Flashcards, Teacher Resource Books and Online Lesson support
  • Classroom resources such as Placemats and Posters

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A dynamic, hands-on programme that puts the fun back into phonics! Invigorate your phonics teaching with Song of Sounds, a creative, engaging phonics programme that meets the diverse learning needs of your class. You can also visit Song of Sounds

Sound Discovery is a synthetic phonics programme for the teaching of reading, spelling and writing.

The children are taught grapheme-phoneme correspondences and the phonic skills of segmenting and blending, and how to use this knowledge in reading and writing.

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The Sound!Start Phonics for Letters and Sounds programme outlines a whole-class mastery approach to teaching phonics. It enables all children to keep pace with ambitious expectations for reading and spelling through systematic repetition and practice of taught knowledge and skills.

The programme is designed to embed high-quality teaching, carefully focusing attention on the things we want children to know and remember whilst simultaneously building staff subject knowledge and expertise.

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Sounds-Write is an expertly structured synthetic phonics programme based on the science of reading. This multisensory, code-oriented, comprehensive approach to literacy has been designed by teachers—and for teachers.

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Supersonic Phonic Friends is a fully systematic synthetic phonic approach. Our scheme includes the Firm Foundations in Phonics, The Basics, The Higher Levels ~ Choose to Use Spellings and Switch it Spell Sounds, as well as Key Stage 1 spelling rules.

Our scheme ensures children develop passion for reading and the confidence to independently apply each skill when reading and writing. They will be highly motivated to ‘read with speed’ and ‘write with all their might!’

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The Partnership Phonics Programme is designed for daily teaching sessions in a clearly defined, incremental sequence from early in Reception. Every lesson is planned and follows a clear structure: revise, hear, read, write, and apply. The programme is fully mapped to Bug Club Phonics books* and with further reference to Big Cat Phonics books ensuring absolute fidelity between this teaching programme and decodable reading books.

Throughout the programme formative and summative assessment is built in to monitor progress within each phase to inform next steps and identify children at risk of falling behind. Intervention/catch-up lessons are provided, along with additional workbooks, to support these identified children.

You can also visit THE Partnership Phonics Phonics Programme

Time for Phonics is a time-saving, straight-forward phonics programme that follow the Letters and Sounds progression. With proven results, our activity-based phonics lessons will engage children with learning to help them make rapid progress in reading. With no complicated training, mantras or characters to learn, and an easy to navigate website, you can get started straight away. 

Our realistic, bite-sized lessons are ideal for those who are new to phonics or seeking fresh ideas and want to build their confidence and knowledge. With easy to follow lesson presentations that take you through the lessons, songs and games, decodable texts, on-demand phonics training, intervention programme, assessments and online phonics games that will inspire you and make phonics enjoyable to teach and learn. 

You can also visit Time for Phonics

Everything you need to make phonics a joy. Endorsed by schools and validated by the DfE our SSP programme will help you nurture a love of reading and writing, whilst you guide them towards fluency.

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From its careful design to reduce teacher workload, to its complete integration with our popular Reading Stars Phonics readers, ensuring absolute fidelity between teaching programme and reading books, Unlocking Letters and Sounds is the SSP programme you’ve been waiting for.

Created by current classroom teachers, it offers a full range of resources and training to support staff to deliver high quality phonics and early reading sessions. 

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Wand Phonics is your fully-editable online interactive resource (systematic yet flexible if required) for teaching Phonics from beginners in Reception (4+) through KS1 to KS2. Wand Phonics provides quick access to 120 Phonics lessons each with 13 core activities.

Wand Phonics is designed to support teaching and learning, ongoing assessment, and work in partnership with ‘home’ when used to support mainstream class teaching and/or intervention. Wand Phonics saves teachers time and effort spent on lesson planning and provides multi-sensory practice for learners.

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